Getting Started With Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security

During installation you either supply a serial number or opt for a time-limited trial. In addition to the typical license agreement, you review the company’s data disclosure notice, choose whether to receive monthly emailed reports, configure the Folder Shield feature for ransomware protection, and install the Trend Micro Toolbar in your default browser. You also create or log into an online account.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security Main Window
(Credit: PCMag)

Trend Micro's main window doesn’t look much like other antivirus products, though it has maintained the current look for some years. A big, round Scan button dominates the window, with an indicator below to display security status. Above are four icons for Device, Privacy, Data, and Family. No, the presence of a Family button doesn’t mean this antivirus includes Parental Control, although its macOS counterpart offers a simple content filtering system. Clicking the Family icon just suggests that you upgrade to Trend Micro Maximum Security.

Optimized Malware Scanning

I always advise running a full scan immediately after installing a new antivirus. After that initial cleaning, real-time protection should defend against any new attacks. For suspenders-and-belt protection, Trend Micro schedules a weekly quick scan. Tested on my clean virtual machine, the quick scan finished in less than four minutes.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security Scan Choices
You can tweak the day and time for the scheduled scan, and optionally make it a full scan. A full Trend Micro scan on my standard clean test system required 93 minutes, a bit more than the current average of 70 minutes.

Uneven Malware Protection

Not every antivirus has plentiful lab results—in fact, quite a few aren’t tested by any of the big labs. I put every antivirus utility through my own hands-on Malware Protection tests both to capture another set of results and to get a feel for how the product does its job. In my tests, as in the lab tests, Trend Micro’s scores ranged from perfect to poor.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security Malware Montage

My basic malware protection test uses a folder of malware samples that I collected and analyzed myself. Like most antivirus tools, Trend Micro started picking these off as soon as I opened the folder. Most competing products detect 80% or more at this point. G Data and Zone Alarm wiped out 97% of these samples at this stage in their own latest tests. As for Trend Micro, it only eliminated 58% of the samples on sight. To be fair, some products, among them Avast Free Antivirus, McAfee, and Webroot, don’t even bother scanning programs on access, preferring to wait for attempted execution.

Phishing sites typically get caught and blacklisted quickly, but if the fraudsters duped a few victims before the takedown, they don't care. They just pop up another fake and keep on trolling. For testing purposes, I scrape reported frauds from sites that track such things, making sure to include plenty that are too new for any blacklist. I launch each potential fraud in a browser protected solely by the antivirus under test and simultaneously in instances of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, relying just on the browser's built-in protection.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security Phishing Protection

In the past, Trend Micro has done well against phishing frauds; this time, it totally aced the test. Along with Bitdefender, F Secure Anti-Virus, McAfee, Norton, and Zone  Alarm, it scored a perfect 100%

Multifaceted Ransomware Protection

Your antivirus should be able to fend off any known malware, and behavior-based detection can foil some unknowns. But for every new malware attack there’s a Patient Zero, the victim that gets hit before any other. Antivirus may not catch that Zero day Exploit. Sure, an antivirus update will probably wipe out the attacker before too long. But if ransomware was involved, that still leaves your files hopelessly encrypted.

Because failing to prevent a ransomware attack is so serious, many antivirus companies have started adding protective layers focused solely on ransomware protection. Some defend your files against all unauthorized changes. Others watch for behaviors that suggest encrypting ransomware. Still others maintain encrypted backups of your most important files, for recovery after clearing up a ransomware threat. Trend Micro does a little of each.

You may remember that Trend Micro offered to enable Folder Shield during installation. If you skipped it then, be sure to turn it on later—reach it by clicking the Data icon on the main window.

Folder Shield prevents unauthorized programs from making any changes to your protected files. By default, it protects your Documents, and Pictures folders—you're free to add Desktop or other folders that are important to you. Trend Micro also protects files on USB drives, at least, while they're mounted, and files in your OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox folders (if present).

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security Folder Shield Configuration

Folder Shield can't directly access folders belonging to accounts other than the one that's logged in, so each user account needs to set up Folder Shield separately. Once they’ve done so, you can see (but not change) settings for other users.

Designed to let developers develop


Save time while gaining complete visibility and control via integrated CNAPP capabilities. Automated deployment and discovery lead to operational efficiencies and accelerated, streamlined compliance.

Automated, flexible, all-in-one solution


Turn key integrations, broad APIs, and powerful cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) capabilities. Procure the services you want, the you want, and deploy the way you need.

All–in–one solution

Meet the needs of your cloud and security teams alike with CNAPP capabilities that provide connected protection throughout your entire cloud environment. Part of the Trend Micro One unified cybersecurity platform, Trend Micro Cloud One™ delivers thoughtful application security from commit to runtime across all major providers, integrating with the DevOps tools your organisation already uses.

File icon

File reputationBlock known bad files using Trend Micro anti-malware signatures on all types of malware, including viruses, Trojans, spyware, and more

Variant icon

Variant protectionLook for obfuscated or polymorphic variants of malware via fragments of previously seen malware and detection algorithms

Machine icon

Extensive flexibilityTrusted scanning support for files regardless of size or type, including .BIN, .EXE, .JPEG, .MP4, .PDF, .TXT, .ZIP, and more

Advanced intel icon

Advanced intel30+ years of cyber threat experience, protecting thousands of organisations while delivering the most advanced modern research

Gain flexibility for custom workflow integration

  • Automates file scanning to be triggered whenever new files are uploaded
  • Provides easy deployment using AWS CloudFormation, Microsoft Azure Resource Manager templates, or GCP Cloud Shell
  • Enables workflow integration and supports event-driven architectures

Seamless deployment

  • Easy deployment for Amazon S3, Azure Blob storage, and Google Cloud Storage
  • Serverless architecture for easy, fast deployment and efficient operations
  • Flexible implementation options, including a multi-bucket or blob promotional model (from scanning to quarantine) or efficient single-storage unit architecture

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