Webroot Security Features
how to Activate

 Activating a Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security key is really simple, just follow these steps:


  1. Download the installation software.

  2. Locate the saved file and double-click the file to start the installation.


  4. When prompted, enter your product key

  5. Follow the instructions as they appear to finish the installation process. 


  1. Download the SecureAnywhere installer to your Mac
  2. Double-click wsamac.dmg to open the installer.

  3. Drag the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon into the Applications folder.

  4. Open the Applications folder by double-clicking the folder icon.

  5. In the Applications folder, double-click the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon to begin activation process.


  7. In the first activation window, enter your activation key and click Activate.

  8. If prompted, confirm the installation by entering your Apple system password and click OK. 

The key is not working

If you have activated the key according to the guide but the code appears not to work, please check what type of error message you receive and depending on it follow the appropriate instructions:


Webroot has two scanning options – the Deep Scan and the Quick Scan. You can schedule them

 daily, weekly or when you turn on your computer.

Webroot scanning settings

Realtime Shield

Realtime Shield is a Webroot security feature that is more widely known as the real-time protection.

 It’s available on both Windows and MacOS and you can enable or disable it in the advanced settings.

webroot real-time protection

Firewall (Web Shield)

Webroot antivirus includes a firewall that is available on Windows devices. It’s supposed to be a virtual security wall to protect your computer from malicious programs that may enter through an external network.

webroot firewall

Identity Protection

Webroot’s Identity Protection feature is designed to safeguard your accounts, usernames, and other private information against keyloggers, spyware, and other malicious programs that target personal data.

webroot identity protection

It’s available on Windows devices and consists of Identity Shield and Phishing Shield. The former one protects your sensitive information while the latter – blocks potentially dangerous websites that can trick you into revealing your private details.

Webroot Infrared & Heuristics

Webroot uses cloud-based malware databases and employs heuristics to learn about new threats quicker. This way it can detect even the latest malware variants that are hard to identify.

webroot heuristics

System Optimizer

With the help of Webroot’s System Optimizer feature, you can automatically free up some space on your Windows or Mac computer and improve its performance. It deletes unnecessary, duplicate, and unused files on your system once enabled.

webroot system optimizer

Secure Erase

The Secure Erase feature is more widely known as a file shredder and is available on both MacOS and Windows. It deletes files by overwriting content with random data. This way, the digital information is permanently deleted and cannot be exploited by anyone.

webroot secure erase

HTTP proxy

Webroot antivirus includes the HTTP proxy which requests resources on your behalf and can change your IP address. It’s useful if you want to hide your true location when visiting different websites. However, since HTTP proxy doesn’t encrypt your traffic, there’s a chance that your real IP address can be leaked.

webroot proxy

Password manager

Webroot gives an option to use the services of a well-known password manager, LastPass.

webroot password manager

Plans and pricing

Webroot antivirus offers three different subscription options: AntiVirus, Internet Security Plus, and Internet Security Complete. Here you can find a detailed comparison of included features and pricing:

AntiVirusFast scanning, ransomware and identity protection, real-time anti-phishing protection, a firewall, and network connection monitoringfrom $25.99/year
Internet Security PlusEverything as with AntiVirus plan, plus protection for smartphones/tablets, custom protection for Chromebook, and a password managerfrom $38.99/year
Internet Security CompleteEverything as with Internet Security Plus plan, plus cleans the device, improves performance and eliminates traces of online activityfrom $51.99/year

Webroot AntiVirus is the basic plan which covers 1 device for $25.99/year. It includes all the essential security features – a firewall, ransomware protection, and anti-phishing tools – which makes it a decent choice for a single user seeking basic protection.

Webroot Internet Security Plus is a mid-tier subscription option that additionally offers protection for smartphones, tablets, and Chromebook. This plan covers 3 devices for $38.99/year and is useful if you need protection for multiple gadgets.

The most advanced plan is Webroot Internet Security complete. Apart from everything offered by the two other subscriptions, this one also eliminates traces of your online activity. It covers 5 devices for $51.99/year.